Las Cruces enjoys a pleasant, arid climate. Winters tend to be mild, alternating between cool and warm, with predominately sunny periods in between. Snow is quite rare, lasting less than a day in most instances, and light frosts occur during most winter nights. Moderate Spring temperatures average from the low 70s°F to mid 80s°F, making it a great time of the year for outdoor activities.

Protected monument lands filled with abundant wildlife like a wide variety of migratory birds, eagles, hawks, and deer surround Las Cruces. The area is especially rich with Western history, including the Plaza at Old Mesilla where legendary Old West Sheriff Pat Garrett worked to protect the territory from outlaws like Billy The Kid. Stagecoaches stopped on their long journey across the Butterfield Trail on their way to San Francisco. The ruins of historic Fort Selden are nearby, giving visitors a glimpse into an historic U.S Calvary fort. The Prehistoric Trackways National Monument and White Sands National Monument also contribute to the area’s unique geography and history.

Summers temperatures generally reach to the mid-to-high 90s°F, with some periods of over 100°F during the warmest periods in later June or July. The later part of Las Cruces summers bring afternoon thunderstorms, or monsoons, which are celebrated locally! During monsoon season, residents experience increased elevated humidity and slightly lower daytime temperatures. Autumn is one of the most pleasant times in the area, and average daytime temperatures quickly cool with milder weather ranging  from the mid 80s°F to high 60s°F

The Las Cruces area can experience light precipitation from October through June, with occasional winter storms bringing some precipitation, normally in the form of rain.